Service Dogs
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Service Dog Training

For many people, it is difficult to navigate the world at large. This is because they might suffer from any one of many disabilities or handicaps. While it is difficult, there are ways to overcome that difficulty or at least mitigating it. One of the best way to mitigate the situation is to use assistance dogs. Assistance dogs are dogs that are specifically trained to help handicap people. There are many different reasons to have a specially trained dog for assisting purposes, though most people think only blind or poorly sighted people need those dogs. That’s not true. There are many different handicaps that could be helped with assistance dogs. But you can’t just go down to the local animal shelter or dog pound and pick yourself a dog and turn it into an aid animal. The dogs that act in this capacity are specially bred, specially chosen, and specially trained.

When it comes to breeding, some dogs are better suited than other. The best guide dogs are used in breeding programs to pass those genes and traits to more generations of dogs. That is why training has to be done properly. The second consideration is specially chosen. Dogs must exhibit certain temperament traits and must be agreeable and malleable to service and training. If a dog is stubborn, head-strong, or aggressive, then it won’t be chosen for the program. The program is very intense, and in many cases, dogs are trained alongside their future masters, because people need to be trained in the proper ways to use the animal.

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