Service Dogs
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Rescue Dog Training

Rescue dogs are dogs that are used to find people who have gotten lost in various environments and situations. Search and rescue dogs are incredibly important in search and rescue missions and they are specially trained to find people who have gotten lost in extreme terrain and weather, like on mountains in snow storms. Rescue dog training is always on going for search and rescue dogs because they have a very demanding job that requires that they stay in shape. Search and rescue dog training involves many different things including smell training, training to be comfortable with heights, training for balance, training for fetching things in water, and training for being in enclosed areas with other dogs and people for long periods of time.

Search and rescue dogs are trained by their special handlers and they have a close relationship and are very obedient to their handlers. There are a lot of training routines for search and rescue dogs, and their handlers have to be trained themselves to train the dogs to be successful search and rescue professionals. There is a lot of different information about rescue dog training and fitness online on different websites and in a variety of books. If you have a dog and need to train it, it could be a good idea to take a few tips from search and rescue training for your own dog. Things like fitness and obedience are important for any dog and there could be some great tips from search and rescue training that you could use.

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