Service Dogs
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Service Dog Requirements

Service dog requirements are actually more lax than requirements for medical response dogs, or dogs that are used by blind or hearing impaired people. That’s because service dogs don’t do the same sort of things as other assistance dogs or guide dogs. In fact, other assistance dogs require that the dogs are specific breeds and come from specific pedigrees. That is because the dogs need to be known quantities, and certain traits need to be encouraged from generation to generation. But that is not the case with service dogs. Service dogs can be any breed and from any background that you like. That’s because there are really only three serious service dog requirements. The first is that they have desirable character traits. The second is that they good conformation. The third is that they have good health.

The desirable character traits for a service dog are intelligence, mild manners, and they cannot be aggressive. They need to be obedient and you need to be able to train them without fear that they will one day lash out in fear or just because they’re the sort of dog to lash out. If you can find a dog that is intelligent, has mild manners, and is not aggressive, then you have a good start for a service dog. Another service dog requirement is good health. This means a history of good health and predictors for future good health. Some purebreds, for example, are more susceptible to certain illnesses and diseases that can strike out of nowhere and debilitate or kill a dog that has been trained for thousands of hours to perform certain tasks.

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