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There are many different reasons to have service dogs. Service dogs are a type of assistance dog that are used for people who have disabilities besides hearing and sight impairment, or other medical response dogs. Service dogs do not need to be pedigreed dogs, because for these types of dogs, there are different things to look for. A dog’s temperament, character traits, and health are all far more important things to consider when looking for a such a dog. There are two different ways to train these important and critical dogs. The first way is through a program. There are several different private programs, and there are also programs to have inmates raise and train puppies to be service dogs. The use of inmates to raise and train the puppies has been high successful, as it produces more trained dogs, gives the inmates something to do with their time and a valuable skill, and provides a certain amount of therapy for the inmates.

The other way to train these dogs is to do it yourself. This is becoming more popular for service dogs because people have very unique needs for their dogs. These dogs can come from many different places. They could be dogs from shelters, from pounds, from private breeders, and from pet stores. As long as you have the proper temperament, characteristics, and health in the dog, then you can train the dog to be a good, loyal service dog. You should look into professional trainers or books to learn how you can train the dog yourself.

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