Service Dogs
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Service Dog Training

There are two basic methods for service dog training. The first is in some sort of program. There are many different public and private service dog training programs. For example, there is a program for inmates to train service dogs. This is actually a great idea for both the puppies and the inmates. The inmates have the time and the attention to devote to the puppies, and thus the puppies become well used to humans and are accustomed to being handled by and cared for by humans. This service also helps the inmates because it gives them workable skills, because it socializes them, and because it gives them stated goals while they are incarcerated. The puppies are trained to help people with a wide range of disabilities and impairments, but because they are not trained to be medical response dogs, they do not need to be pedigreed. They just need to have a good temperament, and good, solid characteristic traits, and good health.

There are also ways to do the service dog training yourself. And of course, if you need a service dog, you are going to have to be trained along with your animal. You need to go through the training so you know how to take care of the dog, use the dog to the best of its ability, and what the dog needs from you. You also need to go through the training to find out if you have a good fit with the dog, and if the dog’s personality is right for you.

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