Service Dogs
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Service Dog Vests

Service dog vests are vests that dogs wear that mark them as service dogs. When you go to public places, you’ll see signs indicating that there are no animals allowed, except for service animals. The easiest way to mark your animal as a service animal is to do so with a vest. The vests could be many different colors, though they tend to be bright and easy to see. Vests can be replaced with harnesses or saddle bags, and the saddle bags usually include helpful pockets! These various vests and harnesses are typically made of two layers of canvas, which means they are extremely sturdy, they are easy to clean, and they will not be worn out by the typical wear and tear of a dog’s life. Depending on where you purchase the service dog vests, what you are looking for, what material they are, and how big the vests are, your price will vary. It’s impossible to give an exact, concrete figure when there are so many different types and numbers to choose from. They are available in many different locations, though there are many available on the Internet through a wide variety of online vendors.

If you are looking to be a dog vest, then you need to keep a few things in mind. How big is the dog? The vests are meant to fit snugly so they won’t slip off, but at the same time they are not meant to restrict the dog’s movement or hurt the dog in any way. Do you need a vest or a harness? Do you need something that will have pockets? Pockets can be very convenient to store necessary dog items.

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Service dogs are not medically trained response dogs or seeing-eye dogs.

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